The dragonflyologists

Louise Creely and Sandra Makaresz are the dragonflyologists… winging their way through the world of writing, with a support crew on standby and fresh coffee ready in the wings.

Copyright: Louise RalphLouise has a passion for playing with words, and freshening up tired text.

She became known as ‘the dragonfly’ after writing a feature article about a new dragonfly species found in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin in 2003.

When she emerged from her crysalis to launch her own writing and editing studio, Dragonfly Ink took flight.

She has a background in primary teaching and business communication (journalism), and has dabbled in painting, performance and standup comedy. If only she had a sense of humour… More about Louise…

Sandra has been buzzing along beside the dragonfly for over five years now. With a talent for telling stories and a Masters in Creative Writing, Sandra develops text that effortlessly combines information and creativity.

She also writes for television, so if you have any under-fives at your place, you might have caught some of her work on Magical Tales or In the Box.

Sandra would love to be one of those writers who is inspired to write in cafes. But the lure of coffee, cake and conversation wins every time. More about Sandra…

Okay, enough of talking about ourselves in the third person…

We don’t just write for business, we write because we love to. Occasionally we even blogger on about our writing adventures and things we’ve learnt along the way.

We’d love you to hang out with us now and then… see you soon!

2 thoughts on “The dragonflyologists

  1. Hey dragonfly,

    Loved reading your latest email… great stuff!
    Louise, do you remember us from Avondale days [yes, ancient history, I know…] Sheree and I are beginning our move into children’s book writing, and are looking for a good quality editor that has a bent to kid’s stories. Is that you?

    We have had our first book edited, and are OK with the results, but can easily see that this editor is more used to editing adult material. She did a great job with the grammar, but was ‘intrigued’ with the ‘nice little characters’… and that just showed me she was looking down at the words rather than engaged with the story.

    Do you have an interest in kid’s stories? Or can you recommend someone?

    Best of luck with the writing / editing studio.

    Check out my blog, if you have a moment…


    • Hi Bruce – Hope you and Sheree are going great. Glad you liked the Buzz – and that’s very exciting about your writing!

      We do lots of writing for kids at Dragonfly (and personally) – especially kid’s stories on our interpretive panels (like those at Noosa NP headlands!). So yes, we’re definitely kids at heart…but you probably know that from those crazy college days 🙂 I’ll have a chat to my writing partner and get back to you soon. She was a writer and producer for In the Box and writes YA fiction, so would be perfect to help you out.

      cheers, and happy writing!

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