Demystifying SEO-speak

The language of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is enough to make your head spin. But it’s not rocket science. Here are some quick definitions to get you started:

  • SEO: the process of improving your website/blog ranking in search engine results
  • Keyword density – No, it’s not repeating yourself, repeating yourself, ad nauseum. It’s the number of times your keywords appear on your page (without sounding ridiculous!)
  • Title text – Look at the very top blue line of your browser page. It should be different for every page, used like a magazine article title, and include keywords…
  • Meta-description – This appears in search results. It’s those approx 160 characters that can make people click through to your site – or not
  • Header text – This is HTML coding that indicates the relative importance of that block of text, like main heading and sub headings. Tip: Use keywords in header text (as long as it doesn’t sound stupid) 
  • Link titles – This is the text that appears when you scroll over a link. Check your site. Are you linking from ‘click here’ or ‘more’? Make that text meaningful
  • Image titles – Ditto. Make these meaningful. ‘Spiders’ love pictures and video, so don’t waste your opportunity to get ‘picked up’
  • On-page factors – These are the things mentioned above, the things you can do on your own site
  • Off-page factors – Google and other search engines like quality inbound links from other sites to yours.

No more spinning heads? Excellent!


Lou (aka The Dragonfly)