Can you feel the love?

Don’t you love those opinion polls that come up with definitive stats about what women/ men/ kids/ bosses/ employees/ mothers/ fathers/ retirees/you-name-them want? Nobody has ever asked me. Or, I confess, if they’ve called on a Sunday or after six I’ve fobbed them off (Nicely of course).

In business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘knowing’ your clients – but do you really know them? When was the last time (or the first time?) you asked them what they need or want? Do you understand why they buy from you, or don’t? Do you understand the space they’re in right now?

And if they’re telling you, are you really listening?

Take a quick look at The Break Up*? It’s a nice exploration of the relationship between you and your clients / customers – or, rather, a nice reminder of the relationship you don’t want to foster…

Can you feel the love?



*Creds to colleague and business coach Lisa Murray who mentions this on her website.

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