Downsizing fallout – what about the ones left behind?

I recently wrote a post: your brand, your people – being ready when things turn around. It focused on the people companies retrench in tough financial times like these, and how this can impact on your brand. 

But there’s another side of the story… the ones left behind.

They’re the ones that take up the slack. So while they’re juggling bigger work loads and feeling guilty because they’re (apparently) ‘the lucky ones’, they’re also often waiting for the tap on the shoulder themselves. Add to this the fact that those retrenched can be part of their social circle, both at work and outside of work, and it can make for an unhappy work environment.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a brilliant article Retrench Warfare last weekend (March 14). It’s essential reading – whether you’ve been retrenched, you’re safe for now, you’re a line manager, or you’re running the company.

A related article from February this year deals with stress in the workforce, and how managers can deal with it. Read article…

Food for thought…



2 thoughts on “Downsizing fallout – what about the ones left behind?

  1. Deanne says:

    Having been on both sides of retrench warfare (the retrenched and the survivor) I can avow the accuracy of the smh article.

    I believe the secret to survival is not to get depressed (the victim-of-forces-beyond-my-control syndrome). Instead, get smart and get focussed. Figure out what you need to do to survive this temporary state of affairs (as all crises are). Then figure out what you need to do to come out the other side a spectacular success.

    Plot a course somewhere between the two and stay focussed – you’ll find it easier to approach each day with a smile and you’ll be in a happier place before you can click your heels and chant ‘there’s no place like home’!

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