Attention all professional communicators…

March 2009 is a Worldwide Membership Month at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). So if you’re a new or lapsed member who joins or re-joins IABC, they will waive the application fee. More…

If there’s one professional association I’d recommend to business communicators, it is the IABC. You get great value for your membership $$, with fantastic resources, forums, networking, and events – and did I mention the conferences? The 2009 World Conference is in San Francisco this June… now that’s hard to take!

I’ve been a member for over a year, and as you’ll see from the quotes in my recent blog, the knowledge shared through this association is invaluable. (I really wanted to say ‘cutting-edge’ but in the interests of good communication…).

In fact, when the Queensland chapter of the IABC kicked off in Brisbane in late-February, I was so impressed I agreed to join the Board. And yes, even when the wine-induced enthusiasm wore off, I was (and am) still very excited to be a part of this new Chapter.

…and perhaps I’ll even get to meet you somewhere ’round the IABC-ridges…



One thought on “Attention all professional communicators…

  1. organiccomm says:

    Hear! Hear!

    The KM guys do it so well. I reckon it’s time we followed their lead and got a proper communicators’ community of practice up and running.

    The IABC is the perfect vehicle for this The more that join the new Qld chapter, the more knowledge we can share and the more problem-solving and support we can offer one another. Not to mention how much we could do to raise the profile of our profession in the marketplace…..

    I think that’s enough marketing spiel form me, I’m starting to feel a little dizzy!

    Your other new Board member,

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