Change: the silver lining

queenstown-nz-copyright-louise-ralphWe live in a world where change is constant, relentless. We change relationships, family structures, careers, how we live and work, and (if you’re up for it), even the way we look.

Most of us, and certainly our children, will never understand the meaning of working in the same job for 40 years and retiring with a gold watch… which is proof change isn’t all bad.

Organisations are constantly restructuring, downsizing, implementing new technologies and procedures, and relocating.

Change is threatening because we can’t control it. Often we are so overwhelmed with our change-demons that we don’t notice the opportunities change presents to us.

Yes, change has a silver lining. Change can:

  • kick you out of your comfort zone (and sometimes it hurts!)
  • present you with challenges that stimulate personal growth
  • make you reflect on what is important to you, what you want
  • get you looking for ways to improve your capabilities, networks, adaptability
  • open doors you didn’t even know existed, and
  • motivate you to try something new – like starting that business you’ve been thinking about forever.

Change is also a great wake-up call. It stops complacency dead in its tracks and means you will be better equipped to deal with change in the future.

When I was fifteen years old, I read some words about change I have never forgotten. The author’s name escapes me, but she said something to this effect:

For some, stability is the glue that holds their lives together, for others a rut can be so deep it becomes their grave.

Embrace change. There is plenty of time to be still later.

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